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April 21 2015


Get in shape like a soldier -- the Army's new fitness test

Sgt. 1st Class Amanda Kokkonen performs pushups for the new test without resting and without changing hand positions.


Army replacing Physical Fitness Test with Army Physical Readiness TestArmy is http://youtu.be/oQ2k2BKVAFQ reducing run for soldiers from two miles to 1.5 miles "Rowers" replace sit-ups; standing long jump used to test lower body strength

Washington (CNN) -- In the 21st-century Army, sit-ups have gone the way of bazookas. Soldiers will soon find themselves doing "rowers."

It's part of the Army's effort to update its old Physical Fitness Test and replace it with the Army Physical Readiness Test.

The old test has been in place since 1980, and it included three events: a two-mile run, two minutes of push-ups and two minutes of sit-ups.

"We thought we had the right test," said Maj. Gen. Richard Longo, an Army training official.

But after nearly 10 years of war, the Army found the old test didn't help prepare a soldier for combat. Now it has a new five-exercise test that is "targeted at the warrior on the battlefield," Longo said at a demonstration Thursday inside the Pentagon Athletic Center.

The five-event test better measures a soldier's strength, endurance and mobility. The events are:

A 60-yard shuttle run

It's similar to "suicides" that sports teams use, but it's harder to cut corners. A soldier runs five yards, picks up a wooden block and runs back, puts the block on the starting line, repeats that over a 10-yard, then 15-yard distance. In total the soldier runs 60 yards.

The blocks are used to make sure soldiers don't cut corners. They have to put them down on the starting line for it to count. The run tests a soldier's lower body muscles and his or her ability to move quickly.

Standing long jump

It's the same thing you did in gym class. The Army will use it to test lower body strength. For troops required to carry packs often weighing as much as 75 pounds, strong legs are crucial.

One minute of 'rowers'

These replace sit-ups. Your arms start out flat on the floor straight above your head. You keep your knees bent and feet together, flat on the ground. Then you sit up, bringing your arms next to your knees parallel to the ground.

"It's harder than a sit-up," Longo said, because no one is holding your feet down as in the old test. But it's less stressful on your back and does more to build you upper and lower abdominal muscles.

Longo said a soldier carrying gear over a brick fence needs strong abdominal muscles to get over the wall quickly and safely.

One minute of pushups

This new test requires the soldier to keep his or her hands planted in one place aligned with the shoulders. And once the timing starts, you can't move your hands or stop to rest as you could in the old test. One soldier who was part of Thursday's demonstration did 29 in a row before collapsing just before her minute was up.

Sgt. 1st Class Amanda Kokkonen of Big Bear, California, said the old test would give her a sore neck and upper back because she would change hand positions. Now with the new test requiring that she not move her hands, she said she can feel the stress on her biceps and triceps.

A 1.5-mile run

The Army reduced the run from two miles because while most of the dozens of soldiers watching the demonstration had been in combat, none had said he or she ever had to run even a mile on the battlefield. And 1.5 miles is ideal for measuring a soldier's cardiovascular health and stamina, according to Army fitness experts.

The Army admits that these events are not always the ideal tests of physical fitness, but the most practical for armed forces spread out over the globe.

For example, Longo said a pull-up is the best way to test upper body strength. But that would mean buying a set of pull-up bars for every Army base, training center and outpost around the world. These tests require only some wooden blocks for the shuttle run and a measuring tape for the long jump.

But they aren't easy. Sgt. 1st Class David Rispress of Columbus, Ohio, is an Army trainer and has been doing the new test for months. But when it was over, even though he did only three of the five events, his Army T-shirt was soaked in sweat.

The next phase of the Army's plan to replace the old test is to have 10,000 soldiers of all ages, men and women, do the new test in coming weeks. From that, fitness experts will build a set of standards that all soldiers throughout the Army will have to meet. Those standards may vary depending on gender, age and even height.

The bottom line: The Army hopes that when soldiers go into battle, they're more fit to fight.

"When you train for this test," Longo said, "now you are training for combat."


January 21 2015


Fitness Goes Virtual: EA SPORTS Active Arrives in Stores Offering Benefit of Personal Trainer in a Box

September 29 2014


Burn The Fat, Have The 6 Pack!

With all the fad diets, crazy supplements and new workouts that seriously the marketplace every year folks are often confused regarding that amazing is the best. If you imagine you've tried just about anything in order to shed weight naturally then think again. Foods That Boosts MetabolismSuperfoods that burn fatThermogenis weightloss really doesn't have being difficult.

Obviously when we lead a sedentary lifestyle is a lot easier than these accumulate and store fat, appearing annoying love handles or abdomen voluminous. This can have multiple of advantages as you won't solely do extra exercise but additionally will also meet new folks and possibly make newer and more effective acquaintances. Do dead lifts, squats, bench and shoulder presses, and barbell curls. This can have multiple of http://www.scapca.org/p90x3-workout-reviews/ advantages together won't solely do extra exercise but additionally team beachbody will also meet new folks and possibly make some new acquaintances. considerably.

There you have it. None required rehydration drinks that are advertised on television, are actually made for high amazing performance sports or endurance background as a marathon runner, sports sessions which can last for hours, so that you lose a large amount of minerals. That is when you burn fat and build lean muscle, progression.

September 27 2014


The Advantages Of Using Phd Nutrition Cla

Whenever we think about losing belly fat and having a flat stomach, the stuff that arrived at our mind are doing crunches and stomach exercises. The pool is readily offered at the gym centers and you can have access with it at any time you'll wish. However, in the event of lose abs skin, only surgery can give you everything you wish.

Another factor controlling vascularity is genetics, as all body builders do not possess the potential to display exactly the same amount of vascularity, yet in most cases, genetic factors aren't preventing vein appearance, but rather simply require a physique builder to discover an effective fat loss diet regime to boost definition and produce vascularity to maximum levels. If you would like to cut back body fat, you need to make a physiologic environment where you are burning more calories than you're taking in. If you've a job which involves sitting for very long hours, then perform the belly workout button exercise whenever you can. Water improves digestion and eliminates wastes from the body, thus inhibiting fat formation.

Water itself won't make the participant lose excess fat. Yet white tea is processed even under green, and the practical consequence is that white tea features a higher concentration of antioxidants. Yet white tea is processed even lower than green, and also the practical consequence is the actual fact that white tea includes a higher concentration of antioxidants. When referring to fat burning fruits, it could be silly never to discuss citrus fruits. Nevertheless fresh won't often be available.

Click Here to Go The Diet Solution Program. This sweetener reduces tension which assists with reducing weight furthermore to reducing risk for depression. A human body requires quality fuel to work successfully. A great way happens to become measuring waist size. #05 - Hoodia Gordonii.

You really can use diet and exercise to your benefit when you get rid of even probably the most stubborn chest fat, provided you're working hard at it. Plus, these nutritious food products could aid to cut back possibility for several health issues. One reason why happens to be since folks are not acquainted with techniques to decrease body fat. Remember to help keep learning and to be persistent.

September 18 2014


How to Lose Weight Without Losing Your Breasts

Diet can help your stomach to have used to smaller amount of food you need every day. It also explains why you need to avoid particular foods to be able to market your bodies natural power to burn belly fat and lose weight. The safest approach to lose fast to is to obtain health insurance and wellness program which is able to speeding your metabolism through exercise and the food that you eat. Kettlenetics utilizes a lightweight and "flow motion" to work your glutes, arms, back etc. There is really a lot of conflicting information about the Internet about how exactly you should lose weight, but in all honesty everybody is different.

Weight loss needs being done by following an healthy diet plan plus a good workout routine. Proteins assistance to stimulate the http://mysymfitness.com fat burning hormones and assist you to build the tone muscle that burns fat calories. I've written a free of charge introductory guide book in regards to the Paleo Diet which you will get from my site. Anything that makes the body work a bit harder can be a neat thing for diet reasons, because the body burns more calories to perform the digesting process.

Tips & Warnings. Your metabolism goes in to a resting state in the wedding you skip meals and stops burning calories, which is why it's important to consume a large amount of meals in small portions throughout your day or a ton of snacks as apposed to 3 really http://www.emedicinehealth.com/weight_loss_and_control/article_em.htm large meals. . It's no myth that breakfast will be the most significant meal of your day because if you skip breakfast and eat lunch, you may body beast results be thinking you're losing weight but in fact you might be putting your body into storage mode and the rest you take in throughout the day is likely to be deposited into storage centers for later consumption, this will definitely cause you to definitely gain weight.

Start Doing Cardio Exercises (Couch 2 5 k). The bottom line is, your fat burning switch is defined to "off. . . A journal will help to keep you on track because you might be being accountable for that which you need to eat and in the right quantities.

And for all those still asking; does smoking enable you to lose My Sym Fitness weight? You better refer towards the introductory paragraphs want to know , to get your question answered. These can be spiritual, mental, physical, social and even financial. You can visit her at http://celebrity-diet-review.

September 07 2014


Best Lower Abdominal Exercises

There are lots of http://skinnyms.com/shape-up-size-down-beginners-workout/ diet programs and fat loss exercise programs. But how you transformation specialists receive fit or stay fit, can be a challenge especially in the big event you reside in an area of extreme weather, such as hot humid summers and sub zero winters. For those people who are advanced in age, starting to warm up is the key and perhaps main form of exercise.

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes while exercising. Do your better to look for a yoga class taught by http://mysymfitness.com p90 workout review a certified yoga instructor. You could also borrow them from your friends and switch backwards and forwards so that you don't get too bored.

Exercise Equipment for Elderly. . This is also the main reason our muscles get sore whenever we exercise strenuously. As long when you exercise at your own personal best, you're doing the workout right. Seniors Exercise-Aging Gracefully.

Buyers Guide to the Proform Exercise Bike. As I progress through life, I jog and pump iron when I was young. As I progress through life, I jog and pump iron when I was young. I had also been using the treadmill within my daily visits towards the gym and worked up to a brisk pace very quickly. Some typical routines asks you to:.

Best yet - you can find only 5 ingredients: 3 parts exercise (cardiovascular, resistance training, and stretching), 1 part proper nutrition and 1 part consistency (aka motivation and visualization as well as follow-through!). "  Being a real friend means making proper provisions for our animals -- after we die. What is Tai Chi Chih?.

More Healthy Tips for Fitness Beginners. It ought to mysymfitness.com p90 workout review be repeated 6 - 8 times. Let's take a look at the exercises you'll must become familiar with for this a part of your toning workout routine.

It can provide you using a cardiovascular workout of the same quality as any cycling or jogging training session, and, as your body warms up and your speed smoothly increases you will burn a decent amount of calories. . This can be the reason why our muscles get sore whenever we exercise strenuously. As long as you exercise at your own personal personal best, you're doing the workout right. Seniors Exercise-Aging Gracefully.

Eat plenty of fruits and veggies and vegetables. With an importance on coaching and personal training they offer a Senior Fitness program, designed to help you meet your personal fitness goals. She put an 8 pound shot over 13 feet. Aches and pains can frequently place further restrictions about the degree of physical activity that you simply can undertake.   When you're ready to get a well-deserved respite from your ordinary, to have a little fun within the sun, a wonderful golf holiday awaits you in which you can re-discover the joys of the game.

June 24 2014



Mark Hyman, MD

The most diet program powerful, simplest, and the 21 day fix workout most delicious detox is available to anyone, anywhere, any diet program time by eating real, whole, fresh food. The body has extraordinary healing and reparative systems. They just need to be activated by taking out the bad stuff and putting in the good stuff.

March 11 2014


The Basics: Build Muscle for Better Health

The Basics: Build Muscle for Better Health
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The Basics: Build Muscle for Better HealthStrength training is about more than getting buff
WebMD Feature Archive
By BarbaraRussi Sarnataro
WebMD Weight Loss Clinic-FeatureReviewed by LouiseChang, MD

We all know how important cardiovascular exercise is -- how it's great for your heart, cholesterol, and blood pressure. And whether you choose to walk, bicycle, or jog, you know that any exercise that increases your heart rate helps you burn calories and melt away unwanted pounds.
But that's only half the equation.

For a balanced fitness program, strength training is essential. It can slow the muscle loss that comes with age, build the strength of your muscles and connective tissues, increase bone density, cut your risk of injury, and help ease arthritis pain.

"Strength training is very important, not just for your muscles but for your bones," says certified fitness trainer Debbie Siebers. "It's preventative for [bone-thinning] osteoporosis and other problems."

Studies from the CDC have found that muscle-building exercise can also improve balance, reduce the likelihood of falls, improve blood-sugar control, and improve sleep and mental health.

And let us not forget the weight-loss benefits. Not only does it make you look trimmer and shapelier, but building muscle also helps you burn calories -- even after your workout is done.

"Three to four hours after a strength-training workout, you're still burning calories," says Seibers, a creator of fitness videos including the "Slim in 6" series.

Strength training is especially important for dieters. When you lose weight, up to a quarter of the loss may come from muscle, which can slow your metabolism. Strength training helps you rebuild any muscle you lost by dieting -- or keep you from losing it in the first place.

Getting Started
So you're convinced of strength training's virtues. But just how do you go about getting started?

The weight room at the gym, with all the buff bodies and complicated-looking equipment, can be intimidating to a beginner. Indeed, for someone with back or joint pain, just picking up a weight might seem daunting. Then there's the issue of proper form: Without it, you could do more harm http://www.iamsport.org/pg/blog/shortwedge9978/read/22952683/how-to-lose-weight-fast-for-women than good trying to build strength.

Your best bet when starting out, the experts say, is one-on-one help from a qualified fitness trainer -- whether it's a personal trainer you've hired, or an instructor at your gym. A trainer can address your personal goals and limitations and can help you with alignment and execution of each exercise.

"I can't tell you how many people I see with a knee injury because they were not taught correctly how to do a lunge or squat," says Sue Carver, physical therapist with A World of Difference Therapy Services in Little Rock, Ark.

Siebers also recommends checking out books, videos, and/or fitness- and health-related web sites for guidance on exercises and form.

Indeed, good technique, not heavy lifting, should be your primary goal in the beginning, Carver says.


March 07 2014


Shaun T's Insanity Workout Program Vs Tony Horton's P90x Workout Program Program - Verify Out These types of Reviews

A ketogenic diet is a special type of diet that is really low in carbs. They're also referred to as "ketosis" diets. Carbohydrates tend to be, of course, one of the major resources of energy for your body. Carbs release energy into your body, that is instrumental to its typical functioning. You need to be careful not to lower your carb consumption too severely, because with little or no source of energy for your body you can die. And so, this is a really good point that your body understands how to deal with the situation. If your body feels threatened by an inadequate consumption of carbs, it immediately begins looking for energy by burning stored fat. If youre following this correctly your eyes could be lighting up at this point. It just is sensible that any diet plan which causes your body to discover and consume excess fat for energy can help you lose weight. All this is fine so long as you do not forget about the simple, old rule that calories out must at the least equal calories in.

Do not feel like you are the only one who has a tough time locating solid information about The best health and fitness reviews: vegan shakeology. There have been a lot of times when I have wanted to find out more, but I was not all that sure where to check. Barely anyone knows anybody online, so when you want important information or help it becomes critical deciding on the source of it. Probably just about everybody knows all too well with the internet environment. Well, we want to provide you with a few proven points and suggestions about this subject that you can verify quite easily.

Some individuals say that ketogenic diet plans are hazardous. In reality, they really are safe; the problem seems to be that a few people get mixed up regarding the words "ketoacidsosis" and "ketogenic". The truth is, only diabetics need worry about ketoacidosis, a life threatening situation where their blood sugar levels can vary wildly. Mixing up both of these terms is obviously a serious error. Ketosis is completely natural and possesses some very good health advantages, not simply for losing weight but also for avoiding health issues. While this is all relevant to your discovery, a few items about Finding sincere information pertaining to Shakeology, P90X or Insantity is hard. I?ve found this is the best theinsaneworkoutreview.com for all your info on insanity workout hold more weight than others.

But that can vary slightly, and it really just will depend on how you want to use the information. But we are not finished, yet, and there is always much more to be revealed. Still have more big pieces of the total picture to present to you, though. We think you will find them highly relevant to your overall goals, plus there is even more.

Lots of studies have been performed on ketogenic diet plans when it comes to obesity. In a great many of these tests, individuals who were on the ketogenic regimen stated they seemed to not be as hungry as they were before. Clearly, this has something to do with the reality that diet plans based on ketogenics tend to be naturally extremely high in protein. Healthy proteins has been shown to help to make us feel full which explains why ketogenic diet programs suppress your appetite. Furthermore, tests reveal that those found on a diet low in fats still need to work to control their ingestion of calories, but, individuals on a diet low in carbohydrates could achieve the same fat loss while not having to actively bother about their calorie consumption.

Low carbohydrate dieting can be dangerous in one way, however, and that is the probability of eating too large an amount of saturated fats. When you can be aware of the unwanted saturated fats, you'll find that low carbohydrate diet programs have their good elements too - far better resistance to insulin, and also better HDL and Trygliceride levels.

Studies do show that for children who have epilepsy a ketogenic dietary program is a wonderful thing. For starters, they go through far fewer seizure episodes. For thirty-eight percent of the youngsters ingesting low carb, fifty percent experienced fewer seizures; for seven percent there was a 90 % reduction.

Of course, the majority of people have never got word of these "ketogenic" type diets. Point out Atkins diet and they will almost certainly understand what you mean. Essentially these are the same thing, a low carb diet regime. You ought to defiantly educate yourself more about ketogenic diet programs if you're looking for a guaranteed way to drop some weight quickly.

It was our primary goal to give you a short introduction to when it comes to Beachbody fitness programs and products, it?s hard to discover honest honest reviews and that?s why I always trust Wanna lose weight? then check out this: www.theinsaneworkoutreview.com , and allow you to see firsthand what can be achieved. As usual, you can multiply your efforts when your knowledge is more comprehensive and greater. In a moment, we will talk about this much deeper kind of knowledge that we feel greatly develops upon the above. You will be able to evaluate your particular needs as you examine this deeper treatment on this subject.

October 25 2013


Weightlifting: Craze credited with lift - Sport - NZ Herald News

Weightlifting: Craze credited with lift - Sport - NZ Herald News
The high-intensity lifting sessions in CrossFit help Andrea Miller recover from injury and piqued her interest in weightlifting.Photo / John Napper/Action in Focus ExpandThe high-intensity lifting sessions in CrossFit help Andrea Miller recover from injury and piqued her interest in weightlifting.Photo / John Napper/Action in Focus
Olympic Weightlifting New Zealand is thanking the rise of CrossFit fitness programmes for renewed interest in their sport.

Weightlifting is a regular on the Olympic programme but can be handicapped by the perception it is a means-to-an-end rather than an end in itself as a sport.

It is not helped by surreal scenes like the 'Minties moment' where Kiwi Graham May face-planted during the 1974 Commonwealth Games or Hungarian Janos Baranyai dislocating his elbow at the 2008 Olympics before being surrounded by a great wall of people forming a privacy barricade.

Cue CrossFit, an intense mix of aerobic work, gymnastics and the Olympic weightlifting disciplines of snatch and clean and jerk founded in the United States at the turn of the century. It involves a swath of exercises from climbing ropes to flipping tyres but it is the Olympic weightlifting component which is enabling anyone from sub-50kg gymnasts to 110kg-plus rugby players realise they could have an Olympic or Commonwealth Games representative future. The pre-requisites are flexibility, strength and explosive power.

Former Commonwealth Games bronze medallist hurdler Andrea Miller is an example.

Miller suffered an injury leading to the London Olympics and used CrossFit to rehabilitate. The high intensity lifting sessions piqued her interest in crossing codes. Miller is based on the Gold Coast so chatted to former teammate and Delhi under-85kg silver medallist Richie Patterson who put her on to Australian coach Miles Wydall. She is aiming to represent New Zealand in the under 69kg class at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games. Miller has a best of 76kg in the snatch and 97kg in the clean and jerk for a 173kg total. She estimates lifting anything from 180-184kg could earn selection.

"After 11 years of the same movement [hurdling] I find the lifting easier. It is explosive and fun."

Miller says going to a CrossFit gym enabled her to make the transition.

"I love going into such a relaxed atmosphere. Rather than people posing in front of mirrors you get short, sharp sessions and a measured change to your body, if done safely.

"Sometimes weightlifting might not be perceived as the most glamorous sport because people think it means you're going to get big. It's a misunderstanding. I'm exactly the same size as I was as a track athlete, but in better shape if anything."

Patterson is the country's top lifter, having attended the last two Olympics. He took time off after the London Games to open his own CrossFit gym in Albany, seizing on the fitness zeitgeist. The 30-year-old says it's driving athletes into weightlifting.

"They're realising the skills involved using their mobility, rhythm and speed to create power. CrossFit was initially not taken that seriously but exposure on social media where the likes of smaller women around 60kg are doing these lifts makes the sport more accessible."

OWNZ high performance manager John Moss agrees.

"The CrossFit growth has been exponential. It's a worldwide craze rather than just a fad."

The Patterson-trained Pip Hale is a case in point. Hale came from gymnastics and is ranked fourth in the Commonwealth in the 53kg class. Strong performances at the national championships in Christchurch on October 4 and 5 and at the Commonwealth Championships at the end of November should have her in contention for Glasgow.

"Her background enables her to get under the bar fast," Patterson says. "You need that speed. Any hesitation and you will fail."

Moss believes with a bit more organisation and goal-setting OWNZ can build a legitimate system developing athletes from ages 15 to 25.

"We've got to be realistic with voluntary coaches and administration staff. Without taxpayer funding through High Performance Sport New Zealand, we're not going to win the numbers battle over the likes of rugby and league but we're working towards a more structured secondary schools programme to give us the talent we need. The youth Olympics are helping as a motivational tool.

"Ideally, elite athletes are 10 years in the making. You've got to be careful [about putting excessive strain on muscles too early]. If you've got a good coach there's nothing to worry about."

- Herald on Sunday
By Andrew Alderson Email Andrew

October 18 2013


Health/fitness apps: Simply Being, iSergeant, Girl's Diary - Yahoo News

Health/fitness apps: Simply Being, iSergeant, Girl's Diary - Yahoo News

Top health and fitness apps in iTunes charts around the globe include apps for meditation, interpreting your dreams, and military-style pushup training.

Here are details on a selection of top ten iTunes free and paid health and fitness apps by country/region for the week, recorded on October 2.

US: Argus
This much-hyped app transforms your iPhone into a "health and fitness companion" by monitoring and tracking your workouts, sleep, food, hydration, and weight to help you reach your goals. Free. https://itunes.apple.com/mx/app/argus-by-azumio/id624329444?mt=8

France: Sant?(C) au Top
This app offers practical nutrition advice to managing illnesses such as diabetes and hypertension and gives you the lowdown on what to eat and what to avoid to help prevent various diseases. Free.

UK: Simply Being
Meditate easily with this app, which features four guided meditations of varying lengths with audio instructions. ".89.

Brazil: iSergeant
Increase your ability to. View article writer brody wilson's website pages on SITE TOPIC GOES HERE or perform pushups with this military fitness training app. Features a game mode where a "drill instructor" sings a cadence song while users perform pushups, as well as audio feedbacks and a scoreboard system for challenging friends. Free.

Taiwan: Girl's Diary
Track your weight, body mass index, and monthly cycle while receiving all the latest beauty and health news with this app. Free.

Bhutan: Dream Dictionary
Unlock the meaning of your dreams with this searchable database of more than 2,000 terms with their corresponding interpretations. Free.


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